Democrats just called on Republicans to pass Stimulus Checks now!

With even President Trump saying we need a big bill, Democrats are urging McConnell to reexamine his position and work in a bipartisan way with Democrats and support the kind of stimulus bill that meets the needs of New York and the needs of the American people.

About the video:

"Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called on Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to work with Democrats on a COVID-19 relief package yesterday on Sunday. During a press conference yesterday Schumer said that Mitch McConnell is “holding it all up”. He said that "The Republican Senate refuses to move forward on any kind of virus bill that has any kind of relief for the American people”. 

Schumer goes on to blast his Republican colleague Mitch McConnell, arguing the Kentucky lawmaker has become the 'Dr. No' of stimulus negotiations. Schumer said that ”the bottom line is very simple, we need a large, strong stimulus bill to deal with our problems.” He said that “we have heard for months, every time we get close to a deal, Senator McConnell says no, he has become the Doctor No of the virus, just like he has been the Doctor No of all the bills in the Senate over the last several years."

Schumer then talks about Joe Biden and the significance of the election on more stimulus. He explained how “Joe Biden campaigned on strong virus relief and he won”. So ultimately “that’s what the American people want, not just here in New York, but across the country, so that is why we need to pass the bill.” Schumer goes on to explain “that aid for state and local governments, renters who face eviction from their homes, small businesses, restaurants, and independent venues can be provided through the HEROES Act if Republicans simply compromise and put the Democrats' $2.2 trillion proposal the Senate floor for a vote.” Bottom line is that Schumer said how “Joe Biden, won. Donald Trump lost," and “now they need to work together to get a COVID bill done, because that's the agenda that the American people want and want badly”. He said how “It's time to move on. The election's over. It wasn't fraud."

This weekend Mitch McConnell has pushed back against Democrats' proposal with a counter offer of a $500 billion 'targeted' bill, which included money for schools, liablity protection for businesses, a boost in unemplyoment benefits and an additional round of funding for the Paycheck Protection Program. However, passage of this size bill has been blocked by Senate Democrats on multiple occasions. Schumer argued Sunday that McConnell's $500B plan "virtually has no specifics," with no aid for state and localities, food banks, renters or the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Following his re-election victory, McConnell said passing a stimulus package would be "job one" for the Senate and expressed hope for a "more cooperative situation" with Democrats. Immediately after he won the election he had said that “We need another rescue package,” and hopefully the partisan passions that has prevented us from doing another rescue package will subside with the election”. So hopefully that means they can still come to an agreement before Joe Biden is inaugurated and the new presidency begins"

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