Coronavirus: 6 things will help you save money while you stay at home

Coronavirus: 6 things will help you save money while you stay at home

The worldwide pandemic is negatively affecting financial stability, and that is a worry for all of us. However, staying at home can also be a way of saving money. Here is an article to see the brighter side of this unexpected situation

These 6 things will help you save money while you stay at home.

1. Eating at home

In many parts of the country, restaurants and bars are closed down – except for takeout orders. If you are heeding health guidelines and staying away from crowds right now, you are saving a lot of money on food and beverages.

 Eating at home is much cheaper than eating out, and coffee made at home is nowhere near Starbucks prices.

2. Not shopping 

Even though you can still shop online, the fact that malls and physical stores are closed is a great way of saving money. Window-shopping can be very tempting, and no way can happen today.

3. Not attending events

If you had tickets to a sports event or concert, it has likely been canceled or postponed. If the event was canceled, you’ll probably get a refund, and that is money you can now save, together with any money you were planning to spend on future events.

4. Less transportation 

If you normally use public transportation, rideshare services or drive your car, you are likely saving lots of cash right now – simply because you are staying more at home. 

5. Not traveling

If you were saving up for a vacation for this spring, you can now keep that money in your savings account. 

6. Spending less on personal care 

Staying at home is also a way of saving on haircuts and manicures. You may be used to having your nails done once a week or going to the hairdresser once a month, but that is something you won’t be doing for a while. 

The idea isn’t that you stop taking care of your personal appearance, but this is a great opportunity to start learning how to do these things yourself

7.Working online

All this time at home may give you the extra time you can use to get an online job like checking out websites or apps or filling in surveys. The web is full of this type of on the side jobs, so make the most of your free time and help your financial situation during this time of social distancing.

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