Coronavirus: 5 financial tips you can follow from home

Youtuber Annie Margarita Yang gives us this important advice about present times.

She says about her video: 

"For those of you who do not have an emergency fund already or got laid off and you’re stuck at home right now due to the Coronavirus, it’s way too late to save for an emergency fund. But there are things you can do at home that will still benefit your finances without having an emergency fund in place. These tips won’t solve your cash flow issues—remember, though, that money is only one resource. Your greatest resource is your mind. The goal right now is for you to stay clear minded and levelheaded so that you can make smart financial decisions on your own. The moment you get emotional, the moment you become impulsive and irrational with your money. Watch this video for my five financial tips to follow during this time. Good luck and wish you the best!"



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