Coffee & morning news: What you need to know during breakfast

Let's start the day with some news! Get your coffee ready and take a look at the Top 5 news of the day!

Good morning! It's time to check out the main news of the weekend you need to know before starting your day! Read the Top 5 news of the day.

The things you should know before you finish your coffee are related to the crisis triggered by the Coronavirus pandemic, the stimulus package. Take a look at our news selection!

  1. The CARES Act, a relief package enacted in March to weather the Coronavirus pandemic, grants up to 13 extra weeks of unemployment benefits to jobless Americans. However, what many people don't know is that they may have to reapply in order to get them. This means that many jobless citizens may be able to receive unemployment benefits for three more months. Check out the details of the extended benefits here.
  2. The Federal Reserve announced that industrial production rose 5.4% in June from May. These figures show a sign of economic recovery right before the spike in Coronavirus infections. Here you will find the complete report.
  3. Though the President and Republicans have openly said for weeks that they did not agree with extending the unemployment benefits that end on July 31st, as the deadline draws closer, there seems to be a change of attitude. Read on here.
  4. As coronavirus-related moratorium on evictions approaches its deadline (they are set to expire next week), housing advocacy groups in Arizona have joined lawmakers in lobbying to extend the measure. Here you will find more information about the moratoriums on evictions and how other states are handling this measure.
  5. The latest survey of economic conditions conducted by the Federal Reserve showed a slight recovery in consumer spending and other areas in most regions of the US, but it still remains below pre-pandemic levels. Moreover, a surge in Coronavirus cases boosted uncertainty in the FEDs' outlooks. Read more here.

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