Check the new map that lets you find destinations within your budget

Check the new map that lets you find destinations within your budget

United Airlines launched a new map app that allows you to plan your trips according to your savings, check it out!

Perhaps it's a little too soon now to start traveling again but as long as you want to move locally and within the country, this new map app will be very useful. United Airlines has released a online  new app with a search tool to help customers peruse all their flight options in map form.

The new Map Search feature takes into consideration departure city, budget, and what type of destination you’re considering (national park, ski resort, cultural hotspot, etc). All the destinations that fit into the criteria are then displayed on a map, powered by Google Flight Search Enterprise Technology.

The new tool will show you just how far your money will take you

According to People magazine, Users can customize the search results for one-way or round-trip flights, specific or flexible dates, and non-stop only service. United’s MileagePlus members will see an additional feature on the map called Where I’ve Been, which will highlight all of their past travels with the airline.

Linda Jojo, United’s Executive Vice President for Technology and Chief Digital Officer said in a recent statement that with the help of Google Flight Search they now can offer their costumers  bast information about flight prices all around the country, adding:

"Leveraging the power of Google's Flight Search technology, we are able to provide an all-in-one solution that streamlines the search process and allows our customers to more easily find the flights that work best for them.

We've reinvented the way people search for flights and introduced something new for our customers that is simpler, provides better results and is easy to use." 

When you’re itching to travel, sometimes the most difficult decision is simply settling on a destination that fits your budget.

United launched another interactive map to help travelers easily see coronavirus-related travel restrictions across the U.S. For information about global travel restrictions, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) made this interactive map.

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