Celebs who went broke Celebs who went broke

"Celebs who went broke this past decade"

It may seem hard to believe, but just because you're famous doesn't mean you won't run into money trouble every now and again. Whether it was a result of outside influences, financial fickleness or just plain bad luck, these are the stars who all went broke this past decade.

About the video:

"In 2018, Lisa Marie Presley sued her former business manager, Barry Siegel, for allegedly squandering a fortune of over $100 million she inherited from her father, Elvis Presley. Presley accused Siegel of poorly investing money from her trust and of selling her assets when the investments tanked, leaving her with just $14,000 — and landing her $500,000 in debt. She also claimed that Siegel had purchased a $9 million home in England using the trust, and risked her entire fortune when he failed to pay the house's $6.7 million balloon payment. In documents later obtained by the Daily Mail, Presley claimed Siegel charged her $700,000 annually to manage the trust. The documents noted:

"Had Siegel disclosed the trust's true financial condition to Presley and restricted spending to the trust's 'income' rather than its principal assets, Presley would have lived comfortably on an annual budget of between $1.5 and $2 million per year, after taxes."

Siegel denied the claims and said Presley's financial devastation was entirely her own fault, adding that one of his investments paid $20 million of her previous debts and netted $40 million. Siegel insisted:

"Most of [that] she managed to squander in the ensuing years."

Watch the video to learn about more celebs who went broke this past decade.

Lisa Marie Presley | 0:16

Johnny Depp | 1:30

Dionne Warwick | 2:48

Alyssa Milano | 3:54

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott | 5:16

Stephen Baldwin | 6:23

T-Boz | 7:35

Gary Busey | 8:40

Lil' Kim | 9:35

Sinbad | 10:37

Toni Braxton | 11:53"

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