Can the states afford Trump's unemployment plan?

As President Donald Trump announced its plan to extend unemployment benefits, which will require states to provide 25% of the funds, it remains unclear if they have enough money to sign on.

President Donald Trump unveiled on Saturday an executive order to extend the additional unemployment benefit for $400 a week to help American weather the crisis triggered by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Now the question is if the states can afford to provide 25 percent of the funds the president's plan requires them to cover.

Trump's decision was announced a week after the expiration of the initial payments of $600 a week approved by Congress back in March, and as Republicans and Democrats remain unable to agree on an extension those benefits.  

Meanwhile, it remains uncertain if many states will sign on to participate, as their budgets were also damaged by the pandemic.

A day after the announcement, Trump told reporters that states could apply to have the federal government provide the total amount or part of the $400 unemployment additional payments. He added that it will demand an analysis state by state.

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