Big news! Second Stimulus Checks now passing before…

President-elect Joe Biden on Wednesday blamed the ongoing stimulus deadlock on Republicans' fear of retribution from President Donald Trump amid rising coronavirus cases in most U.S. states.

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"Biden expressed optimism that Republicans in Congress would address his party's calls for state and local funding when Trump leaves office and he also vowed to prioritize a stimulus deal after his inauguration. In a virtual event yesterday on Wednesday with frontline health care workers, Biden suggested that the GOP has declined Democrats' demand for local funding to be included in the next stimulus package because of their "fear of retribution from the president."

So, Biden promised that when he takes office in January he will make state and local government funding a priority. He goes on to say that he hopes Republicans are ready to make a deal in January. Because “hopefully, when Trump’s gone, Republicans all be more willing to do what they know should be done, has to be done, in order to save the communities they live in,"

Analysts predict Americans in need of additional coronavirus stimulus money may not see federal government help until early next year, as lawmakers from from both parties call for their own brand of aid and the incoming president-elect promises to make state and local funding a priority of his new administration. They explained how negotiations between Republicans and Democrats broke down in late-October just before the general election. And how currently there is a huge difference of around $1.5 trillion in spending between what the democrats and what the republicans want. House Democrats want a $2 trillion and the Republican held Senate want a “targeted” $500 billion plan

The United States passed a big milestone on Wednesday, hitting 250,000 total virus-related deaths, with the number expected to keep climbing steeply as infections surge nationwide. Experts predict that the country could soon be reporting 2,000 deaths a day or more, matching or exceeding the spring peak, and that 100,000 to 200,000 more Americans could die in the coming months.

Yesterday on Wednesday the US reported it highest daily deaths reported since May at 1900 deaths in a single day. Just how bad it gets will depend on a variety of factors, including how well preventive measures are followed and when a vaccine is introduced.

Virus cases are increasing at a very fast across the U.S., and a handful of states and cities are now closing nonessential businesses, limiting public and private gatherings and imposing mask mandates to try to slow the rapid spread ahead of the winter season. Without a federal plan in place, state and local officials are now starting to reinstitute some of the stay-at-home orders, curfews and other public safety measures that were rolled back over the summer and fall. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, announced a “two-week” freeze Friday on most activities and nonessential businesses across the state, making it one of the first to reinstitute widespread closures of nonessential businesses. Brown limited restaurants to takeout service only, closed gyms, fitness centers and indoor and outdoor event centers and limited attendance at places of worship, among other restrictions. And now many states are starting to do the same thing"

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