Need to make some extra cash? Some apps could help you!

Free apps are the best allies to manage your money. By regularly using an app, you can even reduce your bills, get investment advice, and save money at the same time!

Technology is on our side and it can help us make things a lot easier. Whether you want to improve your money management skills, make extra cash or make money while doing everyday things you already do for free, we cover all of it in this article.

Best money management apps


By using this platform you’ll get built-in financial forecasting. The basic package is free and you can try how it works. Then, you can upgrade it if you’d like more services. PocketSmith also works with “what-if-scenarios”, so you can see how your personal finances would change if you earned extra money, or if you had an emergency to attend. It offers a budgeting calendar that's very useful to project your daily, monthly, and annual balances.


Charlie is a free finance management app with helpful tools. For example, it has a spending tracker that can help you limit how much you spend in any expense category. Charlie claims to help their users save an extra $80 per week on average. The app bounds all your finance-related data (your bank, credit card accounts, savings, etc.) and it lets you know where you’re spending too much, and where you can save some money. 


This app can be shared by up to six family members. It's very simple to use and has excellent customer service. The basic plan is $9.99 per year, and you’ll get all your financial information quickly synchronized. It even enables you to sync your 401(k) plan. On the other hand, it can schedule your payments and it gives you the possibility to create a budget for next months, enabling you to plan your finances ahead of time. 

For further information, look at these tips to choose the best financial app!


This is the best option if you’d like to review all your bills and expenses. It works with companies like cable and Internet services and can negotiate to lower those bills. It can help you find better quotes in car and life insurances. With Trim, you'll also see which subscriptions should be canceled because of their seldom or lack of use. And best of all, Trim helps you pay off debt with a plan developed with expert advice.

Money Patrol

This app monitors all your transactions, which will help you understand better your spending habits. It connects all your financial accounts, credit cards, loans, savings, investments, mortgage, and reward accounts. If there’s an unusual transaction or a problem, it has an alert to let you know.

Personal Capital

With this, you’ll be offered a free budgeting software, which also comes with tools to help you manage your investments. You can see how your investments are performing, and you can use the Investment CheckUp tool to increase them. You can also become a Retirement Planner, based on your current financial situation and your goals. 

There is also software to help you manage your personal finances.

Need to make some extra cash? Some apps could help you!

If you are trying to make some extra money and you have a smartphone, then it's time to search for those apps that can help you make money! Take a look at the best ones!

Did you know that apps could help you get some extra money? There are plenty of options, but here you will find the best 10 that you can use to earn a side income!

Take note and start downloading the ones you like the most.


This app will let you know when you qualify to take a paid survey, so you need to set your profile and tap to get those notifications. iPoll also allows you to get money by doing product reviews or to test ads. Once you earn money, you can trade them at the iPoll's online store.


If you are an amateur photographer or just enjoy taking photos with your smartphone, you can make some money with this app! Foap allows you to sell your photos or your portfolio around the world. You can cash your earnings via PayPal.


This app is like an online garage sale! Use this app to earn money by selling the stuff you don't need anymore, like clothes or toys. Bear in mind that you will need to pay a 10% fee once you complete a sale.


If you always wanted to be a secret shopper, you can do it with this app! First, you need to download the app and search for a business by using the map. You can then begin completing missions at different retailers and restaurants. Each mission gets you points that you can later exchange for gift cards.  

Offer Up

This is another app you can use to sell stuff you no longer need. You can sell almost everything through this app, from furniture to electronics!


You can get rewards at this app just by linking your credit and debit cards to your account. Once you do this, go shopping and use them as you normally do. You can redeem your earns for free gift cards.

Task Rabbit

This is one of the best apps to earn money by completing tasks, like running errands locally or helping your neighbors. You can then cash out your money.


With this app, you can earn money just by going shopping! You can get cashback rebates or earn points for purchasing at your favorite store. In addition, you can link your loyalty cards to the app or scan your receipts. You can get your cash through PayPal and Venmo, or use your earning to get gift cards.

Tap Cash Rewards 

With this app you can make money by trying apps or games, or even by watching videos! You can either cash in through PayPal or use your points for gift cards.

Optimize your time by making money while staying fit!

Fitness apps are built to motivate people to do some exercise on a regular basis. Some of them combine games, bets, and rewards. Make the most of these apps!


This is a free app that you can download on your smartphone. You can set your goals and join challenges whenever you start walking or running. It has a diverse range of rewards, including sporting goods, Amazon gift cards, smartphones, and fitness wear. If you want to earn any of these, you must achieve your daily challenges.


If your goal is to lose weight in a healthy way, this app can help you. They invite you to join weight loss challenges with cash prizes. You can make a personal weight loss bet, get your friends together for a team weight loss challenge, or compete in a corporate wellness program. It requires a $100 minimum bet and you must lose at least 10% of your starting weight. You'll have between 6 and 18 months to reach your target.


This platform challenges you to lose weight by joining some bets. There are many levels and you can bet in any of them, with a minimum of $35. To win, you must simply lose at least 4% of your starting weight. DietBet also offers games, which require players to lose 10% of their weight within six months. You can earn the entire pot when you complete your goal. The prize amount depends on the number of winning players and the total pot size.

If you're looking for more ideas about healthy habits, don't miss this article related to grocery shopping.


This app lets you combine workout and entertainment with its games, designed to inject more physical activity into every hour of your day. For example, they invite you to choose the stairs over the elevator, go for a walk while you're on your phone, and build a balanced, active lifestyle that inspires others to move more. You can join up to three games at the same time.

The app calculates your personal weekly step goal based on your previous activity levels. The more you work out, the more money you can win! 


This free app gives you Sweatcoins for each step you make. It’s very easy to use: once you’ve downloaded the app and connected it to a fitness tracker, it calculates your daily activity with no further input. You can save Sweatcoins and exchange them for goods, services, and experiences ranging from high-tech shoes to iPhones, anti-gravity yoga classes, and Apple Watches.


This app requires a small bet to enter and its only disadvantage is that it's compatible only with iPhones. You can place bets with other players or join a group fitness challenge. These games only last one week. If you complete three fitness “sessions” within seven days, you’ll make it into the winning group for a challenge. To complete a session, you must reach 10,000 steps within a 24-hour period. If you regularly hit this step count multiple times per week, you can easily win money with this app.

You can find more apps that pay you to walk in this article!

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