7 financial goals to achieve in your 30s

7 financial goals to achieve in your 30s

Rose has a finance degree from NYU Stern School of Business and she shares her knowledge with us on her channel.

She describes her video:

"Are you on the right track? We all have unique financial circumstances, but here's a reality check on what trajectories to be on in your 30s so that you have lots of financial security and abundance to look forward to in your later years. Here are the 7 financial goals to achieve in your 30s:

00:01:45 - Goal #1) Build a career you love that also makes you money 

00:03:45 - Goal #2) Convert your income into assets 

00:06:25 - Goal #3) Get over your fear of investing

00:08:25 - Goal #4) Build the habit of "paying yourself first” 

00:11:38 - Goal #5) Diversify your income streams

00:13:45 - Goal #6) Get on the path to becoming debt-free 

00:15:45 - Goal #7) Create a monthly money date with yourself"

If you want to watch more videos like this, go to her channel.

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