6 must-follow IG accounts that will help you save money

These Instagrammers encourage each other to avoid excessive consumerism, save money, pay off debt, live simply, and follow dreams.

Instagram is usually some hollow social media in which everyone shows how happy they are, but you can also find some quality content of some stuff. Here are some financial advisors you must follow on Instagram.

1-Natalie Bacon

She is a lawyer turned financial planner turned full-time blogger. She blogs about personal finance and designing your dream life. Natalie began with over $200,000 of student loan debt from law school and has paid off a huge amount of it already. So inspiring!

2-Nerd’s guide to wellness

Sarah of NGW just finished Dave Ramsey’s baby step #2 (paying off all non-mortgage debt) and she started BS3 (saving 3-6 months of expenses). She’s definitely someone you need to follow and it will help you a lot with your finances.

3-The Savvy Sagittarius 

Elyse is working on paying off $34,000 of debt…as a young single woman on a bartender’s income. Yes, you read right… So, if she can do it you can do so do it yourself! She has over 13k followers on Instagram.

4-Small Acts, Big Impact

Heather has an awesome Instagram account full of posts about minimalism, simple living, and quotes from books.  An extra bonus: pictures of her adorable cats and her dog, Max! Follow her already!

5-The Budget Mom

The Budget Mom strives to help you crush your financial goals and live a life you love on a budget you can afford. Follow her for the best knowhows on budgeting and financial tips.

6-Kiwi Girl on a Budget

This New Zealander is on a journey to pay off over $500,000 of debt (OMG) Their debt was made up of a mortgage, a rental property, and credit cards. They sold the rental, paid off the cards, and are working on paying off the mortgage. Follow her on her journey.

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