5 items you are probably not including in your budget (and you should!)

5 items you are probably not including in your budget (and you should!)

Remember that budgeting is a learning process, that’s why here’s a list to help you do it!

Many people dislike budgeting as it is a process of trial and error and when budgets fail, frustration comes. Keep on reading for those items you might be forgetting to include in your budget.

1.    Vehicle Costs

Cars are expensive. It’s much more than the cost of the car and its gas.  There are numerous maintenance expenses you might be forgetting such as:

•    Car registration/license renewal
•    Tabs
•    Oil changes
•    New Tires
•    New windshield wipers
•    Windshield wiper fluid
•    Vehicle maintenance
•    Parking fees
•    Saving for vehicle replacement

2.    Pet

Pet expenses used to be just about vets and pet food, well, not anymore. Here are some items you might want to consider:

•    Pet food and treats
•    Annual vet visit and vaccinations
•    Other vet visits
•    Medications
•    Nail trims and grooming
•    Toys
•    Miscellaneous (clothes, leashes, blankets, etc.)
•    Boarding, pet sitting, or daycare

3.    Toiletries and Household Items

You may spend more on these items than you realize!

•    Makeup
•    Lotion
•    Perfume
•    Hair dye
•    Haircuts
•    Shampoo/conditioner
•    Cleaning supplies
•    Paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, Kleenex)
•    Household tools
•    Replacement of household items

4.    Special Occasions

Holidays and birthdays can be expensive occasions, so it’s important to remember to include these in your budget.

•    Cards + postage
•    Anniversary gifts
•    Birthday gifts
•    Holiday gifts (Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day)
•    Parties or events
•    Food or candy
•    Décor
•    Clothes or accessories (Halloween costumes, green clothes for St. Patrick’s Day, etc.)

5.    Annual or Semi-Annual Costs

These costs are easy to forget because they only come around once (or a few times) each year.

•    Property taxes
•    Life insurance
•    Homeowner’s insurance
•    Subscriptions
•    Memberships (zoo, arboretum, etc.)


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