4 great ideas to make extra money if you love reading and writing

4 great ideas to make extra money if you love reading and writing

If you already have a stable job, the best way to improve your income is to get a second job that generates extra money. One of these ideas might be the right one for you if you like to read and write.

Having different income streams is a must if it is financial independence you are seeking. This way, if one job falls through, you’ll still have money coming in. These on the side jobs can help you save extra money, and get good at something new without leaving your regular job.

Check out these ideas to see if one fits your skills and interests.

1. Freelance writer

Many people love writing and dream of earning a living doing so. Nowadays, becoming a paid writer is more achievable than it ever was. There is so much uploaded to the internet every day that the dream may be closer than you think.
Becoming a freelance writer takes time and work, but you don’t need to excel at writing. Practice and the urge to learn are enough to get you started on the right path.

2. Start a blog

Starting a blog is another way of earning extra money while you write about things you like. Practice and time are all you need to invest in this on the side job.
Your goal is to slowly build an audience that is interested in what you write. When you become popular on the web, the blog will start making money.
Be sure to write about something you really love, so you’ll be happy working for free till the money starts coming in.

4 great ideas to make extra money if you love reading and writing

3. Transcribe audio

Transcription is the act of converting audio to written text. It's not the most interesting job but it's a great way to earn extra cash or even a full-time income from home.
You need a decent typing speed, and being good at paying attention, to be able to do this job. As it may take long periods of time to transcribe an audiotape, choose topics that interest you. This way you’ll be learning about things you like while you earn money.

4. Proofread

No matter how many times you re-read your own stuff,  you'll still end up missing errors somehow. This happens to everyone and that's why it’s a service people are willing to pay for. 
Proofreaders are hired to read something from a fresh perspective, and spot errors like a hawk.
If you are good at grammar and notice mistakes easily, this is the job for you. You can make as much as $40.000+ per year and enjoy your job while you do it by choosing subjects you are interested in.

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