6 budget-friendly dates ideas

If you (or both of you) are trying to save money for your goals but still want to have fun together, here you will find six great  budget-friendly ideas to go on dates without going overbudget.

1. Wine Tasting

There are few things more romantic than a proper tasting at a winery, so this is an ideal outing if you both like wine. Some wine tasting places can be expensive but you can also find some for $15-$20 per person, and if you buy a bottle, many times, they’ll waive the tasting fee. Not only does it make for a beautiful location for a date, it also helps to be sipping alcohol if you are are getting to know someone. 

Note: a brewery is similar option if you like beer better.

2. Going to the movies

This is a classic when it comes to cheap dates. It is an outing that is enjoyed at any age and costs only $10 per person max. Yo must keep away from the cocession area to avoid spending fortunes, so, if you really like eating something while you watch the movie, you should take your own candy in your pocket.
Going to the cinema is a lot of fun and it also gives you a lot to talk about when the movie is over, This can help if you are on a first date and need to fill in the silence till you break the ice.

3. Bowling

Bowling is great because it's an all-year-round cheap date idea. This may not be the best idea for a fist date, but it can be a very good choice if you do a group date or doublé date. 

4. Playing a strip game

This is a great idea if you are couple that has been dating for some time and want to put some spice into your relationship. The most mentioned strip game is strip poker, but you can choose any other game you like. What’s important is that you both have fun, so be sure to choose a game you both enjoy.

5. Go on a (mini) vacation

For those who love to travel but can’t spend too much on a trip, taking a bus or a train for a couple of hours to see the nearby sights and just get away from your routine is an ideal option. Sometimes getting away for a while can feel like a real vacation, and if you have enough cash to stay overnight at a B&B, even better.

6. Attending a free concert in the park

You may be lucky and find there is an artist you both like (or would want to see for the first time) who is giving a free concert in your town. This can be a great date if you love music. 

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