5 weirdest insurance policies purchased by celebrities

5 weirdest insurance policies purchased by celebrities

Celebrities really look after their image, so it is really common for them to get their body parts insured.

It is not new that celebrities take out costly insurance policies to ensure that a certain part of their bodies is protected. It makes sense if you consider that a lot of celebrities rely on a particular body part to make a living. However, sometimes these policies can get pretty weird.

1-    Mariah Carey

According to TMZ, Mariah Carey insured her legs and her 5-octave voice for $35 million apiece back in 2016, after deciding to extend her The Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour to South Africa. 

Mariah is well known for her voice and her appearance, so it comes to no surprise that the star decided to take an insurance policy to make sure they are protected.

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2-    Julia Roberts

If you have one of the most famous smiles in the world, you would probably get it insured. And Julia Roberts agrees. The award-winning actress reportedly insured her famous smile for $30 million.

3-    Dolly Parton

The singer reportedly had her breasts insured for $600,000, according to ABC News. The country singer has been very vocal when it comes to expressing her love for her breasts, so it makes sense she wants to make sure they are protected.

4-    Troy Polamalu

The former NFL player’s hair became so popular during his career that it has been insured by the shampoo brand, Head and Shoulders, for $1 million. The haircare brand explained in a press release that the athlete’s locks are “so ridiculously full and thick that end to end it spans 100 football fields.”

5-    Miley Cyrus

Many artists have that “thing” that they are known of, besides what actually brought them to fame. For Miley Cyrus, it is sticking her tongue out. The whole thing started in the mid-2010s and since then, it has become her trademark. According to sources, and following the advice of her godmother Dolly Parton, she got it insured for $1 million.

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