5 super crazy and expensive things Shia LaBeouf has bought

Shia LaBeouf is a very famous and talented actor since his childhood and has amassed a fortune. There's nothing new to this, but let's find out how he’s spending it!

This iconic 33-year-old actor has a net worth of $25 million, and although his everyday looks are understated and on the normcore spectrum, he definitely has a taste for flair that keeps everyone watching for his next moves. Here are the 5 most crazy expensive things Shia Labeouf has ever bought!

1. Home

The celebrity bought a house in Sherman Oaks, which may be considered modest by celebrity standards. It did cost $1.8 Million in 2009 and features an L-shaped pool, along with floor to ceiling windows. His house also has 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and is approximately 2463 square feet.

2. Cars

He was spotted in a unique 1975 classic car, a Checker Marathon Taxi, while out for a coffee run. LaBeouf also has a Ford F-150, an everyman's car, and a Chevrolet Silverado.

3. Gucci

Shia LaBeouf is truly an icon. As the term normcore began to surface, so did many of Shia LaBeouf's fashion looks that captivated people. He's so stylish, he has even swapped clothes with Kanye West. He usually dresses with brands like Gucci.

4. Suits

LaBeouf has been sporting a more refined, yet still boyishly eclectic look on the red carpets. He has never steered away from a bold statement outfit and now it's getting more gentlemanly.

5. Art

The celebrity truly invests his money in art. LaBeouf has done many performance art pieces, including renting out a gallery for viewers to come and experience him with a brown bag on his head or spending a pretty penny staying in remote Finland as part of the #alonetogether movement. LaBeouf has also founded his own experimental art theater, Slauson Rec., that is free of admission costs and open to anyone who has a story to tell.

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