5 ridiculously expensive things that Brad Pitt bought

From yachts to villas, here are the five ridiculously expensive things the celebrity has bought in his life.

Now 56 years old, Brad Pitt has one of the most enviable report cards out there. From actor to producer to philanthropist and every woman's dream guy, there's nothing he can't do. But how does the lifestyle of a man who is on top of the world look like? Keep on reading to find out which are the 5 crazy expensive things he’s bought.

1-BMW Hydrogen 7 - $118,000

Every celebrity has bought some cars just for showing off and Brad Pitt is not an exception. Back in 2007, Brad Pitt and then-wife Angelina Jolie made an entrance to the LA premiere of Pitt's movie Ocean's Thirteen by coming out of a BMW Hydrogen 7. Far from being an affordable model, the car goes for $118,000. 

2-A spooky mansion - $1.7 million

Back in 1994, when house prices weren't the craziness they are now, Brad Pitt ran into fellow actress Elvira, the mistress of horror. He bought a mansion from her for a modest $1.7 Million which is reportedly haunted, or so they say.

3-Rings for Angelina Jolie and himself - $1 million

Everybody misses Brangelina, back in happier times, Pitt dished out half a million bucks on an engagement ring for Jolie, a custom made emerald cut diamond piece. 

4-Wedding to Jennifer Aniston - $1 million

There was a time when Brad and Jennifer were very much in love and tied the knot. And they did it in true Hollywood fashion, spending a reported $1 Million in their nuptials, which included a security team, fireworks, and a 60-person gospel choir.

5-A Mallorca villa - $3.1 million

Brad’s a fan of real estate. The beautiful Spanish island came into Pitt's attention back in 2016, when he was filming one of his many projects. He fell in love so hard; he didn't hesitate in dishing out $3.1 Million for the beautiful villa, located in the heart of the island.

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