5 incredibly expensive things: Paris Hilton & Justin Bieber

5 incredibly expensive things: Paris Hilton & Justin Bieber

Yes, Paris Hilton and Justin Bieber might be made of money, but these items are ridiculously expensive!


Before the Kardashians took over the world, Paris Hilton impressed everyone with her lavish lifestyle. Born in a wealthy family, she grew up having everything she had ever wanted. But she also managed to have something other girls in her situation don’t: fame.

Her net worth is around $300 million and she sure knows how to spend it. Here are 5 examples:

1. A mansion for her dogs - $350,000

It is well known that she loves her dogs, and her pets have a lavish life, too. She purchased a mansion for them, and it is not like any dog house you have seen before. It is valuated at $350,000 and, according to Squire, it has a chandelier, a balcony, and air conditioning. The interior of the house is (surprise!) all pink.

2. Shoes - $1 million

While many women are crazy about shoes, Paris Hilton takes things to a whole new level: her shoe collection is valuated at $1 million. She has shared a glimpse of her collection on social media and you could clearly see she has more shoes than she could possibly use in a lifetime, organized by type and color.

3. Drinks - $230,000 on a night

Paris Hilton is also known for loving partying and, of course, she doesn’t think twice before spending her money on drinks. According to Page Six, she spent $230,000 on drinks in just one night at the Marquee Wednesday, including a $47,000 tip.

4. A Penthouse in New York - $4.9 million

Back in 2014, she bought a New York penthouse with nearly 2,400 square feet, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. According to Variety, she paid $4.9 million, but its market value was $5.25. The penthouse is located near Washington Square Park, a perfect spot to walk her dogs.

5. Beverly Hills Mansion - $5.9 million

Back in 2007, she bought a 7,000 square feet mansion in Beverly Hills for $5.9 million. The house, built in 1991, has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, and during the renovation process, Paris turned a gym into a room for her shoes (unbelievable, right?)


Justin Bieber has changed a lot since the beginning of his career. Not only he has grown up, but he is no longer as controversial as he used to be. Not to mention that he is now a married man, which probably helped him be calmer.

However, he is still as rich as ever, and here are 5 unbelievably expensive things he has bought:

1. A mansion in Ontario, Canada

He bought a mansion in Ontario, near Puslinch lake in Cambridge. The property spans over 9,000 square feet and it cost him $5 million.

2. Bouquet of roses for his fans

While controversial as it gets, Bieber also knows how to treat his fans right. Back in 2016, before performing in front of a London crowd, Justin went to a street vendor and bought dozens and dozens and dozens of roses and started handing them out to his fans.

3. Pizza for SNL campers

At the peak of his popularity, 2013, Bieber hosted Saturday Night Live. You can easily imagine the number of fans that were lining up outside NBC’s 30 Rockefeller Plaza days beforehand in order to get tickets to the show. As a token of appreciation, Justin Bieber bought pizza for the dozens of people waiting in line and he delivered it to them personally.

4. A Family Guy necklace

He is a huge fan of the show, despite having been beaten up by Peter Griffin in one episode. As a matter of fact, he loves the show so much that he got himself a Stewie chain necklace made out of 12-carat rubies and diamonds that cost him $25,000.

5. Several haircuts

His fanbase is always keeping an eye on Bieber’s haircuts. And he does spend a lot of work and time in making sure he has the right look. Oh, and of course, a lot of money, too: every time he visits his stylist, Bieber pays around $750.

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