5 unbelievable facts about Mark Zuckerberg's fortune

5 unbelievable facts about Mark Zuckerberg's fortune

Despite the problems Mark Zuckerberg has had with his company for a long time, which include trouble with the handling of personal data and boycotts of large companies for social issues, his fortune is still incredibly huge. Let's take a look at this 5 unbelievable facts about Mark Zuckerberg's fortune. 

1. Since 2012, Zuckerberg has earned $ 9 billion in his net worth

Since it went public, Mark Zuckerberg's company's shares have increased more than 408% for a current market valuation of $ 579 billion, according to Business Insider.

2. In spite of Coca-Cola’s boycott Zuckerberg is still one of the richest people on earth

When Coca-Cola joined the advertising boycott to the famous social network, as part of the #StopHateforProfit campaign, Zuckerberg's fortune was diminished in 2020, but he still remained to be among the ten richest people in the world. During this year, Zuckerberg was considered the fourth richest person in the world.

3. In 2018, Zuckerberg earned approximately $ 1.7 million per hour

Between 2017 and 2018, Zuckerberg's annual earnings reached approximately $ 15 billion dollars, which means the founder of Facebook earned an incredible amount of $ 1.7 million per hour.

4. It took Zuckerberg less than an hour and a half to earn $ 2.2 million dollars

In less than two hours, the American media magnate and internet entrepreneur earned what the average US citizen with a bachelor's degree will earn in his entire lifetime, which is not bad considering that Zuckerberg dropped out of college during his second year of study.

5. In less than two minutes, Zuckerberg earns $48,328 

This means that in that very short period of time, Zuckerberg earns what a full-time worker earns in an entire year. The founder of Facebook made $ 28,538 a minute last year.

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