5 extremely expensive things Madonna has bought

5 extremely expensive things Madonna has bought

The queen of pop, Madonna, continues with her intact musical legacy and her net worth clearly shows all her great trajectory. But what does she spend all her money on?

Madonna is the most successful female musician in modern history. Her presence in popular culture has been led to create world records about her. 

She has sold around 120 million albums and 40 million singles. This has led her to a large net worth of $590 million... Do you wonder how she spends that fortune?

She decided to buy a 9,000,000 million dollar house in Sintra

House In Portugal: Approximately $9,000,000

There is no boundary to a mother who wants the best for their children. When her son David was accepted at Benfica's youth team in Portugal, Madonna decided to move to the country to support her son. She decided to buy a 9,000,000 million dollar house in Sintra. The four-story residence dates back from the 19th Century and has 16,000 square-feet. It sounds like enough space to have a soccer camp for David at home.

Car Collection

Many A-list celebrities have more cars that you will ever own in your whole life in their garage. And Madonna is no different. Even when she decides for something that looks simple, such as the Mini Cooper she drove in London, she makes sure it is unique. According to some reports, her Mini Cooper is evaluated at $68,000, the most expensive in the world.

A House For Her Ex-Boyfriend: Over $2,000,000

It is always nice to surprise people we love. It can be a dinner at that trendy restaurant, a romantic weekend away, or a small gift. However, if you are Madonna, this surprise can be an apartment that is over $2,000,000. Back in 2009, when she was dating the Brazilian model Jesus Luz, the singer bought him a place that was a walking distance from her house.

A source told The Sun that she was not ready to ask him to move in yet, so it sounded like a great solution. There are no images of the house available.

It is unclear how much Madonna paid for her gold grill

Gold Grill: Up To $30,000

There are some fashion trends that we want to leave behind, and the gold grills are one of them. Back in 2013, it became a fashionable accessory, and we have seen stars such as Katy Perry, Beyonce, and Madonna wearing them. The plain models can cost $500, and the price goes when you top it up with details. It is unclear how much Madonna paid for hers, but the most expensive one has cost $30,000.

Art Collection: $100,000,000

It is no secret Madonna is a big fan of art. The singer is one of the greatest collectors among the celebs, and she has a collection evaluated at $100,000,000. She is a great admirer of Basquiat's work. However, the artist collected those paintings and destroyed them.

The Material Girl also has one of the rarest paintings from Frida Kahlo and even a Picasso painting that she paid $5,000,000 in an auction. It is the highest-price we have seen the singer pay in an art piece. However, it would not be a surprise if she spent more on something rare and unique.

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