5 eco-friendly tips that can also save you money

If you thought that being eco-friendly was expensive, you definitely need to keep reading.

As there is more awareness of climate change all over the world, being eco-friendly is increasingly becoming a must.

Younger generations have started this movement more fiercely and guess what? Is not only good for the environment but also for your pocket. Keep on reading to find out the best 5 eco-friendly tips that will make you save money.

1-No more dryer

If you do your own laundry at home, chances are good that you have a dryer, and use it to dry most of your items. One small step towards being more eco-friendly is to line-dry your clothes instead of using the dryer, you could save about $85 per year.

2-Power strips with on/off buttons.

The Department of Energy says that leaving things plugged in even when you aren't using them could add an extra 10 percent to your monthly utility bill. To solve this the wisest thing to do is to buy power strips that have on/off buttons.

3-Hybrid car

The biggest eco-friendly investment you can make. This will be a lot of money upfront — most aren't exactly cheap — but it pays itself off in the end, and it's much better for the environment. Hybrids use less fossil fuel, meaning less greenhouse gas emissions. The amount of money you'll save, however, depends on a few things: how much gas you typically buy, how often you drive, the cost of the hybrid, and the fuel economy of each model. 

4-Library card

Real, paper books are wonderful - and, unfortunately, not exactly environmentally friendly. One of the best alternatives is to get an electronic reader, like a Kindle. If you don’t like them that much you can always get a library card.

5-Change out all of your light bulbs

You can instantly make your home more eco-friendly by switching out all of your light bulbs for energy-efficient options.

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