5 celebrities with incredibly expensive pets

5 celebrities with incredibly expensive pets

Unless you adopt, pets can be quite expensive. Not only to get one, but also to take care of them. And when it comes to spending money on little fluffy friends, celebrities know a thing or two.

Celebrities have a lot of money, we all know that. And when you have a lot of money, you can afford to spend it on things that most people don’t, we also know that. And if you are an animal lover and a millionaire, well… you do the math. Here are 5 celebrities with the most ridiculously expensive pets:

1-    Usher -  a $12,000 Goldendoodle

Back in 2012, Usher (one of the world’s most successful recording artists) spent 12,000 on a pet. It was while attending the Pencils of Promise Gala in New York City, and he ended up outbidding Jessica Szohr, a Gossip Girl star, on a Goldendoodle puppy. The money went to a charity to build schools in third world countries.

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2-    Britney Spears - $29,000 a year on her dogs

Britney Spears was the princess of pop and of puppies, a title she still holds up to this day. TMZ was once able to obtain Britney Spear’s financial documents from 2016, where it showed that she spent around $29,000 on her pets. There wasn’t much detail about what exactly she spends money on, but it is known that she spends around $300 per grooming session.

3-    Mariah Carey - $45,000 a year on her dog

The star spends around $45,000 a year just to groom her dogs. On occasions, she also sends them on their own luxury vacations! Back in 2017, her pooches went to England and she spent $25,000 for around the clock care that included personalized meals, comfy bed hotels and day trips. She also spent $175,000 on the plane tickets to transport them!

4-    Nicolas Cage – A $150,000 octopus

Nicolas Cage filed for bankruptcy in 2009 as a result of many bad decisions. His spending habits were questionable, at the very least, and among the things he bought are dinosaur fossils, two king cobras and a castle. Also, he bought a pet octopus that was valued in $150,000.

5-    Mike Tyson - over $210,000 on 3 royal Bengal tigers

The heavyweight boxer decided, at one point, that he wanted to have a pet. And when he gave it a thought, he decided that a tiger was a safe bet. But not only that, let’s make it a Royal Bengal tiger. And then he decided that if he could get one, he could get two…or three! He reportedly paid $70,000 per tiger and spent thousands on their feeding and keep.

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