5 celebrities who aren’t as rich as you may have imagined

5 celebrities who aren’t as rich as you may have imagined

Being a Hollywood star or personality doesn't equal to being extremely rich. 

Unemployment rates are skyrocketing amid the global pandemic. And while celebrities make a lot more money than regular folks, that doesn’t mean they don’t have to watch their money. Here’s a list of 5 celebrities that aren’t as rich as you think:

5 celebrities who aren’t as rich as you may have imagined

1. Natasha Lyonne – Net worth: $5 million

She began her career at the young age of 6 as one of the kids on “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse” and, as many child actors, growing up in Hollywood wasn’t all that nice. After starring in “American Pie” and “Slums of Beverly Hills”, she admitted herself to a New York hospital in 2005 (under a fake name), where she was treated for a number of conditions. Since becoming one of the favorite characters in the Netflix hit show “Orange Is The New Black”, her career —and her finances— are back on track.

2. Amanda Bynes – Net worth: $3 million

She grew up as the star of the self-titled Nickelodeon show “The Amanda Show”, before her roles in teen comedies like “Easy A” and “What a Girl Wants.” She suffered a mental breakdown in 2013, which led to her being placed under psychiatric hold and temporary conservatorship over her medical care and finances.

3. Mike Tyson – Net worth: $3 million

During his career as a boxer, Tyson earned $300 million. Since the late 80s, Iron Mike has dealt with assault charges, jail time, drug problems and excessive spending that led to his 2003 bankruptcy. He once told CNN “I didn’t think I’d make it through my 30s.” Now 54, his net worth has dropped dramatically, but he managed to overcome bankruptcy.

4. Lindsay Lohan – Net worth: $800,000

Her finances took a serious hit as a result of her lifestyle: parties, drugs, alcohol. Lohan’s bank account was seized by the IRS in 2012, bringing her net worth down to $800,000.

5. Dennis Rodman – Net worth: $500,000

At the peak of his basketball careers with the Chicago Bulls, the athlete made almost $27.4 million. But his riches didn’t last. In 2012, Rodman claimed he was too broke to pay the $800,000 he owed in child support.

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