5 almost-forgotten celebs that have their own reality show 5 almost-forgotten celebs that have their own reality show

5 almost-forgotten celebs that have their own reality show

Many are branching to reality shows. And it seems it pays off!

With lots of streaming services and plenty of options to watch, reality shows are trying to gain some viewers in the industry. Many of them are hosted by some of the greatest celebrities that the audience hasn’t seen in a while. Here are 5 celebrities’ reality shows.

1-Vanderpump Rules (Lisa Vanderpump)

For two years, she starred The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she’s still around in the industry. She got her own spin-off series that follows her restaurant and its staff. It started in 2013 but it’s still cruising, not bad, huh?

2-Selena + Chef (Selena Gomez)

Though the last few years the world hasn’t seen much of Selena Gomez, in this crazy 2020 she managed to release a new album and she started her own reality cooking show. By HBO Max, Selena Gomez uses quarantine to her advantage and has famous and expert chefs teach her how to cook in the kitchen. Fans went crazy, that’s for sure.

3-Miz & Mrs (The Miz)

He and his wife (Maryse) started their own reality show in 2018. This series follows these WWE superstars, in the private life of their marriage, children, and lives. Another season is set to come too.

4-The Kelly Clarkson Show (Kelly Clarkson)

The winner of the first season of American Idol is definitely a household name in the music industry. She was a coach on The Voice, but she’s got quite a low profile for a couple of years. She returned to the media with his own talk show with games, chats, and music. There are many reasons to remember everything we know about Kelly Clarkson.

5-Making It (Nick Offerman & Amy Poehler)

Sitcom stars from Parks and Recreation have a reality show that's definitely slipped under the radar. They team up for some handmade projects - where people compete with challenges that involve creative crafts, brought to everyone by NBC.

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