4 incredible ways to make money doing what you love to do

4 incredible ways to make money doing what you love to do

Having an extra income is always a great way of saving more money and having financial stability. Choosing something you love to do can make this on the side job an amazing experience.

Believe it or not, there are ways to make money while you have fun. The secret is to choose an activity you enjoy doing. It may even be something you already do for free. Here are four jobs that could be just the right one for you.

1. Start a YouTube Channel

You may already have a YouTube channel which you love or you may be thinking of starting one. In both cases, what you need to know is that it takes time and patience to generate an income this way, so if making money is your only goal, this may not be your best option.

You must build an audience that is interested in following your cannel and constantly upload content to keep your audience captive. 

It won’t happen fast, but if you're willing to put in the work, the payoff can be huge. There are countless YouTubers making thousands of dollars a month through advertising, affiliate marketing, product sponsors, selling their own products, and more.

2. Review Music

This is probably one of the coolest ways to make extra money, but it takes a while to earn a decent income. Patience and a built-up reputation are what you need to earn more money reviewing music on internet sites.

When you first start out, you'll have one star on SliceThePie, for example, and as you write quality reviews, you'll get more stars and you'll get paid more per review. 

Bear in mind that this will take time, so you will only enjoy the process if you like listening to music. If you become good at it and build up your reputation, you could end up writing reviews for major music sites or magazines.

4 incredible ways to make money doing what you love to do

3.  Sell Photos

Taking photographs is probably something you already do and enjoy. If your friends and acquaintances always tell you how good they are, selling them is an option.

Websites these days are producing many articles daily and they need photos to go along with them. Stock photo sites are the place where they find them.

You can upload your photos to these sites and every time someone downloads one, you get paid
Since thousands of photos are uploaded to these sites every day, a good strategy is what you need to stand out from the competition. 

Some stock photo sites you can upload your photos to:

4-Work as a freelance subtitle translator

If watching Netflix movies and TV shows is what you love most, you could get paid for it if you’re also good with languages and translations.

Subtitlers make it possible for films to be enjoyed by audiences all over the world and by the deaf and hard of hearing. They translate all the dialogue, music and sound effects of a film into two-line written captions that appear on the screen, either in the language in which the film is made or in a foreign language

What you need:
1. Having impeccable language skills is one of the most important factors to become a successful subtitler. Be sure to have strong grammar skills in your native language and English.
2. Seek out institutions that have training programs for subtitling. Most courses can be completed online.

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