4 Online survey websites to make money from home

4 Online survey websites to make money from home

Your opinions are valuable and some companies will pay users to tell them what they think about something. You can monetarize your opinions by taking online surveys.  

Information has become a currency and companies are paying more and more money to get to know how their audiences think or behave. You can take online surveys from your home whenever you please, there are no rules there. And even though you need to invest some time to complete some surveys, you most definitely do not need to invest all your attention, which is a great upside.

It’s not like you are going to make a lot of money by completing online surveys, but you will make some pocket money. Anyway, if you sign up to a lot of online survey websites and diligently complete many of them, you can make around $10 an hour. Not bad, right? 

There are a lot of websites out there that will promise to pay for your opinions but, of course, not all of them are true. Here is a list of 4 trustworthy online survey websites for you try out:

1- Survey Junkie

This is a very popular online survey website that will allow you to complete a variety of surveys. You will earn points and every time you reach 1,000 ($10) you can cash out.

2- American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion will send users a screening survey per month ($0.50 apiece) and one full-length survey per quarter (up to $50 apiece).

3- Opinion Outpost

It similar to American Consumer Opinion, but Opinion Outpost offers a bit more opportunities, but the overall earning rate is lower.

4- Swagbucks  

This website offers a wide range of surveys. From fast and basic opportunities that pay very little, to narrow-targeted and time-intensive surveys that pay pretty well.

There are many other options around, but make sure you do your research before signing up and avoid those companies that require you to pay a submission fee. 

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