3 incredible financial facts about Keanu Reeves

3 incredible financial facts about Keanu Reeves

He is probably the nicest person on Earth, right?

The entire world fell in love with this charming and humble Canadian actor many years ago, with the rise of the sci-fi masterpiece, The Matrix.

He has also starred in some cult classics, like Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Point Break. And he is the face and body of the acclaimed John Wick franchise.

However, despite his many years in the spotlight, he is a very private person although it is well known he is frugal and kind.

With a net worth of $360 million, here are 3 amazing financial facts about Hollywood’s nicest guy, according to MoneyWise:

1-    His first paycheck

His first movie was Youngblood, a hockey film starred by Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze. The pay for that role was $3,000, which is nothing compared to what he collected with other movies.

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2-    He has willingly accepted pay cuts

Reeves has proved himself a dedicated actor. And it shows when he goes out of his way to make certain projects come true. For example, For Devil’s Advocate, he deferred $2 million of his salary so they could afford to have Al Pacino on the project. 

The Replacements, he cut the majority of his salary so that they could fit legend Gene Hackman into the budget.

3-    He turned down $11 million

Back in 1995, he was offered $11 million to take part in Speed 2. And he said no. He then explained the decision to Jimmy Kimmel in an interview: 

“It was just a situation in life where I got the script and I read the script and I was like 'agggghhh.' It was about a cruise ship...and I was thinking, 'A bus, a cruise ship… Speed, bus, but then a cruise ship is even slower than a bus and I was like, ‘I love you guys but I just can’t do it."

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