3 Instagram accounts that will help you save money

These budgeting influencers on Instagram will help you with your saving journey!

Instagram is like a big shopping site but undercover so, sometimes, you end up doing a whole house makeover while looking at a deco account! If you are always tempted to spend and spend because of what you see on your feed, you should go and check out the latest tips of these budget genius on Instagram.

Alex Stedman (@thefrugality)

She is a stylist/editor/writer with a website and Instagram account where she talks honestly and openly about money.

She focuses primarily on fashion and interiors. It's refreshing to scroll down looking for outfit details to see 'Jeans: 3 years old' rather than a swipe up link to buy them. This shows that when it comes to fashion, so much is cyclical and you can really re-wear so much of what you already own. Recently she has released an e-book with all her budget-secrets.

My Frugal Year (@myfrugalyear)

She dives into the psychological reasons why she got into so much debt (impulse buying as a result of Instagram was definitely a factor) and tips on how she plans to eradicate it.

The account is anonymous and talks openly about debts in young people. Now at almost 24,000 followers, it's clear that, despite the anonymity, she is really resonating with people. 

Cheryl (@frugal_me_free)

A really popular account that offers practical and realistic solutions to saving. Cheryl focuses on the 'it's never too late' part, and encourage people not to get trapped into the “I could have saved tons of money by now if I hadn’t…”, and instead, looking at where to start.

Her posts are often confronting, and extremely relatable. She talks about being the person whose card declined in the shop, who didn't save, who couldn't stop spending, and who drew money out and hoped it didn't say 'insufficient funds'. Almost everyone can relate to this at some point in their lives, and this honesty is what helps people to talk about it and start to change.

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