Why your audience is key to monetize blogs Why your audience is key to monetize blogs

Why your audience is key to monetize blogs

It doesn’t matter what kind of blog you run: your audience will determine whether you can earn money with it or no. Why is it like that? And how can you profit from it?

Blogging is a great idea to make extra money if you like reading and writing. You can treat it as a part-time or full-time job, depending on your interest in it and the available time you have to dedicate to it. It’s one of the 4 online business ideas for you if you’re a creative person! However, you need to understand first how to monetize a blog if you want to see extra money afterward.

Essentially, what will provide you income by blogging is your audience. Even if the rest of the things you need to do to make money blogging are on point, without people reading you won’t see a penny. Sometimes, they need to meet certain requirements related to their size and level of engagement in order for you to be able to gain profit.

Let’s back up. There are two ways to earn money with a blog: selling your own products in it or selling ad spaces for other companies to show their items. The baseline is that you’ll need a good, consistent, engaging website traffic. If not, no one will buy your stuff and companies won’t pay you, because they won’t gain customers.

If you choose the first option, you’ll have to come up with actual things to sell. It can be your chance to open the online tea business you’ve always wanted to have or to show people how great your handcrafts are. In this case, the bigger your audience, the greater the chances someone will buy something.

On the other hand, you can run a blog telling stories, explaining topics, or giving opinions, and still generate income. This would come from contracts with certain companies. In them, you may be required to let advertisers place their ads on your website or mention them in your writing. Anyhow, if your blog isn’t big or has a great flow of potential customers, these companies won’t be interested.

There are many ways to attract people to your website, ranging from advertisements on social media to the actual choice of what topic you’ll write about. You should also consider that it’s necessary to keep people on your blog, not have them appear once and disappear later. Ask them questions, be relatable, plan giveaways, and games! Whatever you think of to gain a reliable group of followers.

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