Where to find online tutoring jobs

Where to find online tutoring jobs

Tutoring jobs are required worldwide. The good news is that there are different levels of demands, so you could do some tutoring even if you don't have any experience!

If you like to help other people with their education, you can sign up in many tutoring platforms to get in contact with them. Some of them ask for qualified teachers, but others are for people that need to improve their English as a foreign language or for children that need help with some school subject. Many students find tutoring a good way to earn extra money during the school year. Here are some of the most popular tutoring sites: 

Chegg Tutors

Chegg is an online tutoring site that connects students with tutors instantly. To apply here, you must at least be currently enrolled in a 4-year university program. You'll need two documents for school verification (ID card, diploma, unofficial transcripts, etc.) to prove this. You can apply from anywhere in the world. They look for tutors on all subjects, and you can charge up to $20 per hour. You'll receive your weekly payment via PayPal. 


To apply as a tutor here, you must be residing in the U.S. or Canada and be available to tutor for at least five hours per week. You also have to be a college sophomore or higher, as some subjects require a college degree. They'll ask you to take an exam and complete a mock tutor session to part of their staff. Then, you can teach Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Business, and foreign languages.


They look for highly qualified tutors from the best universities across the globe to teach these subjects: Computer Science, Engineering, foreign languages, History, Humanities, Math, Science, Social Sciences, and test prep. This said, you'll need to have some previous tutoring experience, and you must be enrolled or have graduated from an accredited university to apply here. Once you start working as a tutor, you'll be paid $18/hour weekly via PayPal.


To apply for tutoring hours on Cambly you just need to speak English! You need no previous experience; you just need to be a talkative person. This platform connects foreign students with native English speakers so they can practice English conversation. The paycheck is a bit lower, $10.20 per hour, but it's a job that you can do easily and meet interesting people from all around the world.


This is a mobile tutoring app that instantly connects tutors with students: directly from their smartphones, students who have trouble with a math problem can simply snap a picture of it. Tutors will receive a notification and can easily get in touch with the student and work together to solve the task. If you want to apply for Yup, you'll take a subject exam for each subject you'd like to tutor, and then one teaching exam. Once you start, you'll be paid monthly via PayPal or direct deposit.

If you want to find more online tutoring platforms, read this article!

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