5 things you need to avoid during a job interview

5 things you need to avoid during a job interview

It's normal to get a bit nervous before having a job interview, so take a look at the things you should definitely avoid doing if you actually want to get that job!

No matter how many job interviews you had in your life, it's almost impossible not to get nervous beforehand. So, it's always better if you know exactly the things you shouldn't do during an interview.

Some of these tips may seem obvious, but that doesn't mean they are least important!

1. Don't be late!

Turning up late to a job interview may give the impression that you are unprofessional and even unorganized. Even if you have to leave your house two hours earlier, do it! It's better if you have to wait than to keep them waiting.

2. Don't look at your phone!

If you look at your phone, text or answer a phone call during an interview you are totally being disrespectful with your interviewers. Remember to always turn it off before you go in.

3. Don't dress too casually!

It's always better to be overdressed! If you have any doubts, you can even ask the person arranging the interview for some recommendations. Also, make sure that what you are planning to wear is clean and that it still fits!

4. Don't complain about your recent employer!

Even if you hate them, try not to show how much you dislike you current boss. Without exaggerating or lying, try to be as positive as you can about your previous job experiences.

5. Don't avoid eye contact!

It may seem a detail, but failing to make eye contact may give the impression that you are lying or hiding something. Avoid being categorized as untrustworthy!

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