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What is the question you should never answer during a job interview?

A new study from Boston University Law School explains why a good part of the blame for some people earning more than their peers lies with a specific question. Which?  

A person interested in a new job should not respond if he is asked about the salary he earned in a previous job, since talking about salary history in a job interview reduces the worker's bargaining power.

In states like New York and California, these questions have been prohibited since 2017 and 2018 respectively and that is something that both interviewers and interviewees have to remember.

There are a dozen states that prohibit inquiring into salary histories during job interviews as this allows the job seeker to know what a job seeker is willing to accept, and the ability to negotiate a salary when this detail is known is diminished.

The rest of the country should take note of this and follow suit as, according to this study, if employers can access the salary history of job applicants when negotiating compensation, they can take advantage of past inequalities and perpetuate them in the future.

The study published by this faculty shows that after inquiring into the salary history of job applicants was prohibited, companies made their salaries known in their job offers and then normally raised them by around 5% or more.

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