Warehouse Jobs: 5 high paying positions

Warehouse Jobs: 5 high paying positions

Warehouses have become more and more important throughout the years and, consequently, there are many job vacancies. And some of them will allow you to earn very well above the minimum wage!

We have curated a very special list of the 5 highest paying jobs within a warehouse, listed from the most entry-level to the most high-level positions:

1. Entry-Level Laborer

With average salary of $12.14 per hour, an entry-level laborer assists with general tasks, such as package handling, facility general maintenance or equipment cleaning.

2. Material Handler

The responsibility of a material handler is to maintain warehouse stock, identifying and labeling supplies, making inventories and documenting storage spaces. The national average salary for this position is $13.02 per hour.

3. Truck Loader

The average salary for this job is $13.26 an hour and the main duty is to load and unload trucks and other shipping containers and to place materials in the designated storage area.

4. Shipping and Receiving Clerk

As a shipping and receiving clerk, your main duty is to handle packages and everyday inbound or outbound shipments, auditing if the proper package is used, if there is any visible damage, recording operations, etc. The national average salary is $13.45 per hour.

5. Assembly Technician

As part of the assembly line team, an AT is responsible for putting together components of machinery and complex products. For this position you need to have the necessary skills to read blueprints, handle tools and follow assembly guidelines. The national average salary is $14.62 per hour.

Working in a warehouse has many career paths that you could follow, that will allow you to develop your skills and grow professionally. We encourage you to find the one that suits you best, there are so many other positions to explore!

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