10 great tips to concentrate and work from home

10 great tips to concentrate and work from home

The Coronavirus outbreak pushed many companies to apply work-from-home policies, but not every employee knows how to be productive during home-office. If you are still having a bad time adapting to this work-from-home period, then you start applying these tips to make your day (and work) easier!

During the Coronavirus outbreak, many employers are still trying to learn how to concentrate and work from home. The pandemic led to many companies applying these work-from-home policies, which means most of us were forced to deal with this new work dynamic.

Even if you already had some home office days,  being lockdown and quarantined might not help. Now you are not allowed to leave your home, so even the way you socialize with your coworkers has changed!

1. Get Dressed!

Avoid staying the entire day in your pajamas! It may seem simple, but if you keep your routine of getting dressed to work you will feel a bit more confident and prepared. You obviously don't need to dress formally, but just change from your pajamas into decent clothes. If you manage to establish this routine, it will be easier to concentrate and be productive.

2. Organize Your Working Space

It's not that easy to find a suitable spot at home to work. So, specialists recommend you choose a space and keep it organized and separated from your home life.This way your brain can identify when it's time to work and when it's time to rest.

If you can, you should buy a comfortable chair and desk where you can easily spend the eight working hours of your day. Also, make sure that your working spot has good natural light, this way you will be aware of the time of day.

3. Define Your Working Hours

As we mentioned before, organizing your day and your workspace can help your brain understand when you are working and when you are not. This way, you will respect your non-working hours and don't keep your mind thinking of your job. Also, you should stick to your traditional working hours in order to communicate correctly with your coworkers.

Moreover, having a working schedule allows your brain to prepare for work. This means you shouldn't jump from the bed to the computer. You didn't do this before the Coronavirus outbreak! You had to take a bus, buy some coffee and then start working. This is the transition in which the brain usually gets prepared to work.

4. Don't Have an Information Overdose

Distractions are really useful when you are working from home and one of the main attractions is watching the TV, especially the news. Nevertheless, right now it's not the best option to get distracted! Everything in the news is about the Coronavirus outbreak and checking on these updates may increase your anxiety.

5. Stay Communicated

As you will now be working from home you will have to learn how to communicate with your team. Organize video calls, have daily or weekly meetings with your coworkers. Try to keep the same dynamic you used to have before the pandemic. 

6. Minimize Distractions

Difficult task, but it is possible! Try to identify what distracts you the most. If it's the noise, then you can use headphones with white noise. If it's the world outside, then try to work far from the windows.

7. Organize Your Tasks

Write down which are the most important tasks or those that require much more time and most focus. Then organize your day to take care of those tasks during your productivity peak hours. Some find it easier to concentrate in the mornings, others during the night, others while their kids are napping. Which is your most productive time of the day?

8. Set Your Goals

Another productivity tip when you are working from home is to set your daily goals. This way you will organize your day based in the time that it takes you to complete those tasks. If you keep your goals in mind you will surely avoid procrastination!

9. Make Sure You Are Comfortable

If you don't have a proper chair to sit down or a desk where you can work comfortably, then you will get easily distracted constantly trying to find a better position.

10. Set A Routine

One of the main risks of working from home is that you can end up working late hours, troubling your sleep, and sinking your productivity even more!

Wake up early, exercise, breakfast, organize your day, take your kids to school, keep working. Add some breaks so you can stretch your legs and grab a bite. Go back to work. And so on. If you organize your day, you will find it easier to complete your tasks and be even more productive!

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