The best tips to ask for a raise at work

The best tips to ask for a raise at work

Most people feel a bit uncomfortable when they want to ask for a raise. Others prefer even not to try, but it's time for you to learn how to ask for what you deserve! Here you will find a list with the best tips to ask for a raise at work.

Most employees can agree that asking for a raise has been one of the most uncomfortable situations they had to face at work. But, why does it have to be so awkward?

First, you need to ask yourself: Do you think you actually deserve an increase in your salary? If you are not quite sure, then you will probably fail to get it! Here are some very interesting tips you should consider if you are feeling a bit anxious about asking for a raise at your job.

Don´t be afraid to ask for a raise!

1. Facts

If you consider you deserve a raise, you have earned it. Then you have to sell it to your employer. How? Give them evidence! Facts can help you demonstrate how you've been performing at your work and proof that you deserve a raise.

2. Timing

Timing should never be underestimated. Even if you are already prepared with your speech and your facts, if the company isn't passing through positive times then you should wait. Imagine your employer's face if you ask for a raise during a major crisis, including layoffs and expenditure cuts!

3. Stay pro!

Show your boss why you need the raise and how it would benefit him and the company. Be assertive and empathic. Highlight how you've contributed, how committed you are with the project, and acknowledge the situation of the company. This way, if the company isn't willing to allow your raise, then your boss might fight for you and even offer you other benefits.

4. Don't be afraid!

Once again, trust yourself! Show the boss how confident you are and feel regarding the company. If you show him you feel afraid he might reject your petition, so don't be!

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