Things you shouldn’t include in your resume

Things you shouldn’t include in your resume

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to include in your resume. And sometimes it is hard to decide what not to include.   

Resumes should be a well-presented way of showing who we are and what we know. But there is no need to overdo it. Quite on the contrary, we should stick to those things that are relevant to the position we want to get.

Here are some things that you should not include:

1-    Irrelevant information

While every experience is valuable for you, sometimes you apply to a job for which your experience at a part-time-after-school-job doesn’t mean much. Don’t include information that will only make your resume longer. Include high-quality information.

2-    Fancy fonts or many colors

Keep it simple. While it is absolutely recommended to create an attractive and original resume using some design tools, try to make it stand out for good reasons and not for being too flashy. 

3-    An email address from your current employee.

This sounds pretty obvious, but it is not. Do not use a corporate email address, unless you own the business (but in that case, you wouldn’t be looking for a job, right?). Always include your personal email address.

4-    Unrelated interests

Make sure you list interests that are relevant to the position you are applying to. By curating a list, you will show your potential employer that you are a focused person.

5-    Long paragraphs

Use bullets instead. Paragraphs can be boring to read and might not catch the attention of your potential employer. Also, with bullets, your statements will sound more powerful.

As a general recommendation, it is always a good idea to have different resumes and cover letter templates so that you can easily adapt the information depending on the position you are applying to.

Take your time to customize your documents before submitting them. This is probably the most effective way for you to succeed in your job search.

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