Signs that your job interview went well

Signs that your job interview went well

When you are looking for a job, you take the time to prepare for the interview and can’t wait for that day to come. But once it’s done, you begin to wonder if it went well. 

After a job interview, it is normal to go over it again and again and see if you can determine how it went. And even though there is no way to knowing for sure until you actually hear back from them, you can still spot some signs to help you get a hint.

The conversation went longer than expected

If you spend more than the usual time in an interview, this is a sign that the employer found you interesting. The standard time for a phone or video-conference interview is 30 minutes. If your interview lasted longer, then this means the employer probably thinks you are the right fit and would like to learn more about yourself.

They ask you how soon you can start

If the interviewer asks you this question, especially at the end of the interview, this is a good sign. If it hadn’t gone well, they wouldn’t mind your availability. It is really important to be honest when answering this question, as they need to know how much notice you need to get organized.

The interviewer appears excited

If the interviewer shows excitement during the interview and engages in conversations about different topics, such as hobbies or preferences, then this is a good sign. When a conversation shifts from traditional interview questions to a more comprehensive one, this shows that they are interested in you for the position.

You get to meet more people than expected

If during an interview they ask you to meet someone else in the team or in a different area, then this is certainly a good sign. If the interviewer thought you are not the right fit, they wouldn’t bother in introducing you to someone else. If this happens, you have definitely impressed them.

As you can see, there are many different signs that show that an interview was successful. Keep these things in mind to minimize the post-interview anxiety and stay positive!

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