Salary raise: Know when to stop negotiating

You can achieve many great deals when negotiating, whether it’s for your rent or a product’s price. However, when it’s about a salary raise there are certain situations when it’s best and even necessary to stop negotiating.

All negotiation has a time and place. You need to check that the time is right before making any advances, or you risk coming off as insensitive or cocky. Asking for a raise is already a delicate situation, so it would be best to approach the talk with tact and after taking many factors into account.

One big element to consider is how long you’ve worked in the company. If you’re new in the job, it’ll probably give you a bad reputation if you instantly ask for a raise. However, the situation’s different if you’ve been working with the company for a decade and you never asked for more money… Then, it’s probably the time.

Now, picture this: you’re on your way to a meeting with your boss when you’re expecting to get a raise. You’ve prepared yourself in advance, you’ve gained your confidence and you’re ready to take action. Your boss sits in front of you, crosses their arms, and asks you what you wanted to discuss. Once you’ve given them your well-prepared speech they propose a raise as high as the one you wanted to ask for.

Yes, you heard it right! They said the number you were thinking about, or higher- now what do you do? You had arguments to fight back on the tip of your tongue and you were planning on giving a good fight to get what you wanted. In this situation, you should go for it. Instead of risking that your boss changes their mind, don’t overstep your bounds and shake their hand!

There’s also the possibility that your employer doesn’t agree. It’s important to go into a negotiation with enough confidence to fight for a good deal, but it’s just as necessary to know that you may not get what you wanted. This can take some willpower, mostly to get over the possible disappointment.

If you continue to insist after your boss said no, or if none of you is ready to compromise, nothing good will come out from a longer negotiation. If you won’t reach an agreement, fighting will only worsen your professional relationship and waste the time of everyone involved. You could end up getting a lower deal!

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