Pros and Cons: The truth about working from home

Many people talk about the advantages of telecommuting and what a great impact this had on their lives. Before following their paths, you should learn some things that will happen when you start working from home.

It’s not as quiet

You’ll hear complaints about all the noise in the office and how those who work from home managed to get rid of it completely. While they may have escaped these sounds, they’ve surely found others at home just as annoying and difficult to work with.

Imagine your children running around, the sound of the vacuum cleaner and washing machine, and maybe even your spouse on the phone, working from home as well. This can make it very hard to concentrate and get stuff done.

It’s not as relaxing

People who work from home are pictured as someone who’s actually relaxing at their place instead of doing some work. There’s this fantasy that you’ll be able to attend video meetings with a suit and pajama pants or you’ll have the possibility to do things at your pace, even when it’s slow and includes lots of small breaks.

While it’s true that you have more freedom to take some breaks every now and then, telecommuters don’t usually do this. There’s been researched made that showed workers who stay at home are more productive than their colleagues who go to the office, which means they actually do more work in less time.

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It’s not as uncommon

Maybe the reason why there’s so much misinformation around telecommuting is that people think it’s an exotic way to work. Most of them wish they could do it and probably resent those who somehow end up working from home. However, this is yet another myth: it’s not impossible to convince your boss to let you work from home.

You can negotiate this working arrangement like you’d negotiate a higher salary. Show your employer why you’d be more productive that way and, as long as you’re reasonable and give them good arguments, there’s no reason why they should turn you down before considering it. What’s more, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned telecommuting into a common way of working, so you may have an even better chance to do it.

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