Today is the last day to land a job that gets you $500 and a year of free pizza!

There are many gigs that can be described as a "dream job" but, for many, it can't get much better than receiving a paycheck for eating pizza. If that is your favorite meal,  apply today for a job that will pay you $500 and give you a year of free pizza.

Pizza night with friends or family is probably something most of you do for fun. Although it seems impossible, there is a company that calls this "work" and is willing to pay you to do so. What is this unbelievable job about?

Though you may be a huge Domino’s or Hut fan, there are many independent pizza shops out there that should be given a try and that is what Slice is all about.

Slice is an online food ordering platform for independent pizza shops that allows pizzeria owners to offer their products to their customers using a mobile-optimized website and customers can place orders through the Slice app and social media channels.

Become your state’s resident Head of Pizza, get paid (in pizza!) to eat the food you’re obsessed with

Delivery app Slice that features over 16,000 independent pizzerias across the US is looking for a Resident Head of Pizza in every single state.

“We’re looking for pizza lovers across the nation to champion independents. We’ll be selecting 50 state representatives to join P.I.E. Society – Promotion of Independents Everywhere – as your state’s Resident Head of Pizza,” says the company’s Ig account.

‘We work with 16,000 independent pizzerias across the country, giving them the tools and tech they need to thrive. Now, we’re looking for pizza-obsessed people who want to eat free pizza and tell stories about shops they visit,” it adds.

If you’re passionate about small business and love pizza, apply for this role of a lifetime and you’ll get:

• A year’s supply of free pizza (not all at once)
• Content creation kit to document your pizza journey
• $500 toward travel throughout the year
• Whole slew of Slice gear to show your pizza pride
• Exclusive deals and discounts for you and your community
• Access to an invite-only community that gives you a first look at new features, Slice specials, and more

As part of the brand's P.I.E. Society, you will get paid (in cash and slices) to eat your way through local pizzerias. You’ll have to visit and/or order from new pizza shops every week, capture content that shares the unique story behind the pizza, and “evangelize your state’s best pizzerias”.

Apply to represent your state in the Slice P.I.E. Society of America!

Slice is currently on the hunt for 50 representatives nationwide to participate in the program, with applications ending today, July 30.

To apply, you need to be over 21 years old, from the States, and a Slice App user.

If you believe you are the perfect person for the position and that this is the greatest job in the world, head over to Slice's site before it's too late, enter your personal information at and keep your fingers crossed till August 13, when the 50 winners will be announced.

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