Need to pick up an extra gig? Even Jackie Chan has a side hustle!

Contrary to what you might think, having multiple jobs is something celebrities are familiar with. Actually, a lot of them have two or three jobs. Jackie Chan, for instance, has this huge side hustle of his own.

If you hear the name Jackie Chan, you automatically think of martial arts and action films. And it is also a name that probably puts a smile on your face. But here’s a little known fact: he also has a beautiful voice.

Born Kong-sang Chan, he got his nickname while working as an understudy to a chef named Jack. Everyone called him Little Jack and, eventually, the name Jackie stuck.

He got started as Bruce Lee’s stuntman so, naturally, everyone thought he was going to be the next Lee. But Jackie Chan wanted something different for himself: “I didn’t want to be the next Bruce Lee. I wanted to be the first Jackie Chan.” 

He knew very well he couldn’t be Bruce Lee, so he struggled to break out of the martial art stereotype of the serious fighter and that’s how he became the humor loving actor he wanted to be.

But humor and martial arts were not the only things Chan had to offer: he also has a beautiful voice and is fluent in several languages including English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, Taiwanese and Korean. And he can sing in those languages, too!

The list of his musical collaborations is impressive and it includes movie hits like Rush Hour, the Chinese release of Beauty and the Beast, Rumble in the Bronx, among others.

In total, Jackie Chan has twenty albums and 41 theme song credits to his name. He is also credited for the 2008 closing Olympics song “Hard to Say Goodbye.” Even more so, he also has 9 compilation albums that stretch between 1980 and 2005.

So next time you need to pick up a side hustle, think of this story. There's always a creative way of doing business!

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