Microsoft announced that some employees will not have to return to the office

The Covid-19 pandemic, the closures it brought with it and the obligation to stay at home that it caused, have made home office, out of necessity, a new habit. Microsoft has announced that, for many employees, this will remain the same after the health crisis is over.

Microsoft will allow some of its employees to work permanently from home if they prefer and this decision makes the tech giant the latest company to expand teleworking.

The Verge reported that Microsoft does not expect to reopen its offices in the United States, at least until January 2021, and that most of the company's employees will keep on working at home. 

The company founded by Bill Gates said that in the future employees may choose to work from home permanently, but will have to give up the space they had in their offices.

Employees will need the approval of their immediate bosses to be able to do this, but they will be able to spend at least 50% of the week away from the offices without the need for approval.

Kathleen Hogan, the company's director of human resources, said in a note to employees that “the COVID-19 pandemic has invited all of us to think, live and work in new ways. At Microsoft we will offer as much flexibility as possible, to support individual work styles in balance with business needs, ensuring that we live our corporate culture. "

This, however, won’t be an option for everyone, for some employees may not be eligible to perform their work remotely, especially those who work in laboratories or who are training other workers.

Microsoft reported on its blog that employees who choose to work remotely may move within the United States or abroad, but could suffer some kind of cut in their salary depending on their new location. The company said it will cover office expenses that are generated in the homes of its employees, but not moving expenses.


Facebook is another company that implemented home office and announced in May that half of its staff would be able to work from home for the next 5 to 10 years. If any of the employees decide to move out of Silicon Valley (which is one of the most expensive areas to live in the United States) to another place with lower costs, salaries could be modified.

The company headed by Mark Zuckerberg, also reported that it will increase remote hiring for its next jobs and will seek to recruit those who do not live in large cities in the United States.

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