Best 2021 part-time jobs

Best 2021 part-time jobs

There are some periods in your life when you choose to work part-time. Whether you´re in college, or a recent parent, your obligations may not fill your day. There are lots of part-time jobs to do and bring some extra money at home!

Test websites

Most websites-developers need to make sure their creations work properly before sharing them with the open public. To try them out, they usually hire people and give them a list of things to do and check. The best part is that they’re trying to get in the minds of customers, so you don’t need to be an informatics professional to test a website!

You just need a computer, a microphone, and English knowledge to go through a screening process and get started. Your screen and microphone will be recorded as you go to the website and follow the tasks that were given to you. You’ll have to give both written and speaking feedback and responses, telling what your experience was like.

Here are 4 amazing website testing jobs!

Test search engines

Search engines also need to check how they work almost every day. This big amount of work is divided into different people called engine evaluators. You can end up working for Google, Yahoo, or Bing!

They’re another perfect option if you’re looking for a flexible work schedule, and you don’t need any fancy equipment to get started. You simply have to see how everything’s doing and report it to these big companies.

Take surveys

This is very easy to do: you simply have to answer questions honestly and wait to be paid. Most websites that offer these surveys are trying to look into consumers’ preferences, which is why the questions will usually be about your shopping habits and preferred products.

Its simplicity makes this hustle a great income-provider. You’ll receive the money the day you start, in most cases, and you can create a solid flow of earnings if you sign up for many surveys. Keep in mind that some may require qualifications that you don’t have, so you always need to read the description thoroughly.

There’s also the possibility to get a micro-job online: here are 4 places to do it. As you’ll be using your Internet a lot, you can lower the price of your service with these 5 tips!

College students: work part-time and learn at the same time

It can be hard to find a job that fits your class schedule and lets you leisure and studying time. The best options are part-time jobs, and there are somewhere you can also learn new skills.

While it’s always good to get a side hustle and earn money to pay off your student loans or cover other needs, it’s even better if you can take something else from them. This can be new skills for your resume, or knowledge that can come in handy later in life.

Online tutoring is the first option to consider as a student, especially if you’re very good at one or many subjects. One of the biggest upsides of this job is how much control you have over it: you set the rates, and you choose your working hours.

You can tutor high-school students or other students on campus. Either way, it’ll help you keep your knowledge on the subject fresh and you’ll be less likely to forget it. Here are the best 5 online tutoring jobs!

Transcription is the process of writing down the contents of an audio or video. It’s very simple once you get the hang of it: you’ll type what you hear using specific style guidelines and end up with a text, which you’ll later present to earn your pay. It’s simple and you can do it from your dorm!

Lucky for you, there’s such a big amount of audio files and videos that the demand for transcriptionists can only grow bigger. Even though it can get boring to listen and type at the same time, trying to catch every word will definitely improve your typing skills. This can help you get another job afterward, and you can also use it to take notes in class.

Proofreading is another thing many people can do. If you already help others avoid spelling or grammar mistakes, you can also get paid for it. With enough experience, you’ll also find your texts with fewer mistakes, which will surely help you earn good grades and also make great impressions when applying for a job with any written document.

If you’re looking for even more choices, here are other jobs for college students! Furthermore, it’s also important to keep a healthy lifestyle, which is why here are some part-time jobs to combine health and money.

Babysitting: a part-time job you can find online

Taking care of children is a flexible job that you can adjust to your free time. You can upload your profile on many platforms in order to offer your services. 


Bambino helps you find local babysitting jobs in your neighborhood, rather than all over your city. It's the perfect app to start with if you're looking for your first job. You have to be 13 years or older, and all you need is at least one recommendation from another parent. Once your profile is visible, you'll start to receive babysitting opportunities with a detailed description of the demand. You can choose whether to accept or decline them. Bambino pays you directly to your Venmo or bank account.

You can sign up at this platform to get babysitting jobs, but also to offer services like senior care, pet care, tutoring, housekeeping, and more. It's a very popular site, so you may see lots of caregiver opportunities. Another advantage is that they charge no fees for these services.


This platform is available in many countries: not only the US, but also Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, and more. You can negotiate how much you'd like to charge per hour, and they charge no commissions. Here’s how you can become a successful negotiator; put those skills to good use! Babysits has a badge system that can help you increase your visibility as long as you're gaining experience.  


UrbanSitter offers solutions for every family, from full-time nannies for the summer to last-minute sitters. You can upload your profile, set your own hourly rate and you'll be able to see job demands in your area. They charge no commissions for your application. 

College Nannies and Tutors

If you're more comfortable with grown children than little ones, you can find also a tutoring job through this platform. They look for college students or recent grads that can help children with their studies, which can take you a couple of hours a week.


To sign up in Zum, you need to be at least 21 years old and have a driving license. In addition, your car must be from the year 2009 or newer, as well as a four-door model in great condition. This platform is like Uber, but focused on driving kids whose parents can't drive them to school or to a party. You can charge up to $32 per hour.

Getting a side hustle like babysitting is one of the ways to become financially independent sooner!


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