Learn how to start reselling shoes and make money!

Learn how to start reselling shoes and make money!

Looking for a new way of making money? how about reselling your shoes?

Sometimes we forget that perhaps treasures are lying around in our home in the least places imaginable. Your shoes can be fortune-making for you if they're still in good shape. During the pandemic outbreak shoe sales went up but exclusively in the online market, so this could be the perfect side hustle for you without leaving your home. 

If you’re going to build a business, it’s easier to put in the work if it’s something you’re passionate about.

Reselling your old sneakers might seem like an easy task, but the key factor is learning how the digital market works for you to be able to succeed. Apps are going to be your main tool to start your trading, this is mainly how the reselling shoe business work:

Sneakers are released in limited quantities. As a sneaker reseller, you can purchase shoes brand new direct from retailers or manufacturers at retail prices. Like-new and gently-used shoes can be thrifted or purchased on any number of apps. You might also be able to use these apps to find a good deal from another reseller on what’s known as the “aftermarket.”

After this, you need to build your own inventory to be able to show your future customers. Here's a few websites where you can look for sneakers:

And here's some apps where you can resell them:

If you enjoy sneakers as a fashion statement or consider yourself a sneakerhead, this side hustle could be a particularly good fit.

Now that you've already built your inventory and have access to the aftermarket apps where you can sell your shoes, comes the most important question: where can you find your customers? As this business works mainly online, being active on social media and having a solidified digital presence is key. 

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, commenting, posting and engaging will help build your reputation. Not every interaction has to be about securing a sale – those will come once you’ve established yourself as an authority in the sneaker resale market.

So, are you ready to go look in your closet at how to start your upcoming business?

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