Kroger will hire 10,000 new workers nationwide: how can you apply?

Kroger will hire 10,000 new workers nationwide: how can you apply?

There is good news for job seekers, as the Kroger supermarket chain announced that it will hire 10,000 employees. How can you apply?

The retail company founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883 will hold a hiring event this Thursday to fill 10,000 jobs in its stores and here we tell you how you can apply.

During the event there will be virtual interviews, as well as in-person interviews in stores, with people who want to work, performing the different tasks that are needed in stores.

Kroger shares have risen nearly 23% since January of this year.

Kroger also looks forward to hiring staff for its e-commerce, pharmacy, manufacturing, and logistics areas.

In addition to its Kroger stores, the company will also hire people for other brands it owns such as Fred Meyer, Harris Teeter, and Ralphs.

The event is open to all and interested persons can already register on this website.

You should know that the company has a national median wage of about $ 15.50 an hour and that in March Kroger said it planned to invest $ 350 million to raise the average wage for workers to $ 16 an hour, as reported by CNBC.

In a press release, Kroger added that employment benefits the company offers include a school tuition reimbursement program, mental health counseling, and discounts on groceries, electronics, and streaming services.

Kroger is improving the grocery delivery experience with first-of-its-kind technology & creating 400 new jobs

With this, Kroger joins the large chain stores that are increasing their wages to attract more workers.

Kroger has been hiring since the beginning of the year, but this is the first hiring event it does both physically and virtually nationwide.

The company added 100,000 employees during the Covid pandemic, but a Kroger spokesperson said many of those workers have returned to the jobs they had before the pandemic.

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