Job interviews: 4 answers to 4 common questions

Every job interview is different, but there are certain things that you will be asked over and over again in almost every single one. Here are some basic tips for answering the four most common questions out there.

A job interview can be exciting and stressful at the same time. When you prepare for an interview, you make sure your resume is on point, your dress up accordingly and you try to relax so you don’t sound like a robot. A great way to be even more relaxed is to prepare your speech, and even if you don’t know exactly how the conversation will go, there are some questions that every single hiring manager will ask you.

Here are some tips for you to come up with a prepared answer for 4 of the most common questions:

1-    ‘Why do you want to work with us?’

The first that comes to your mind is probably “because I need a paycheck”, but of course this is not the right answer. In order to ace this question, you need to read the company’s website and find what core values resonate with you. Maybe the company has a mission that you would love to contribute to, so that is worth mentioning. Or you might feel comfortable with their values, so you feel it will be a motivating environment for you to work at. Do some research about the company values and performance and use that as part of your answer.

2-    ‘What makes you a good fit for the role?’ 

This is a quick way to assess your main skills and qualifications. A good way of preparing for this question is by thoroughly reading the job description because the ideal candidate is likely to be described there. Use that information to find the skills you can offer that best match what the company needs. Prepare a list of all your qualifications that are meaningful for that role and cite examples as well.

3-    ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years?’

What the interviewer is actually asking when they ask this question is if you understand the career progression or not. Prepare a few achievable career objectives and describe what you need to do to get there in a 5-year span. You could also include some personal objectives to keep it balanced, but make sure you describe the process that will get you there. This will show them you are goal-oriented and focused.

4-    ‘How would your old manager describe you?’

What a hiring manager wants to know is whether you are a good former employee or a “bad apple”. Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. A great way of acing this question is by pointing out your skills and how your former manager helped you improve them or gain new ones. Never say a bad thing about your previous job, those opinions might make you look bad and it’s better if you keep them to yourself.

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