Job interview: 5 powerful words that will help you stand out

Job interview: 5 powerful words that will help you stand out

Facing a job interview can make you feel nervous, but if you are well prepared in advance, you will feel more comfortable. And it will show. Here’s a list of powerful words or expressions you can use to communicate with your interviewer.

When getting ready for a job interview, you must prepare your speech. Of course, there is an element of surprise as you don’t know exactly what your interviewer will ask you, but there are some general questions that you can prepare for what is likely to come up in most of them.

Here’s a list of keywords that will give you confidence:

1-    ‘I look forward to’ 

Use this expression as soon as you are granted the interview. It will show your enthusiasm politely and professionally. You can also use it to respond to certain questions during the interview. For example, if you are asked about how you respond to new projects, you can say that it is something you look forward to because you like meeting and planning with a new team.

2-    ‘Respect’

Express the aspects you respect about the company that’s interviewing you. This will show them that you’ve taken the time to do some research and that you are well prepared. This is something interviewers really appreciate.

3-    ‘Experience’

Your resume shows your work experience in a brief way, so during the interview, it is a good idea to describe a bit more thoroughly what your duties were. Actually saying the word experience will make you sound knowledgeable and qualified.

4-    ‘Goals’

This will help you show your potential employer that you consider this position will be helpful to help you meet your professional goals. For example, if they ask you why you are considering changing your career, you can say that you have already accomplished your original goal and that it is time for you to move forward towards accomplishing your new one.

5-    ‘Mission Statement’

Read the company mission statement and bring it up, when appropriate, during the interview. Pick the part or parts that resonate with your vision and mentioned them, let them know it inspires you. You can ask questions about their mission statement to show them you care about understanding the company’s values.     

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