Job interview: What question should you never forget to ask?

Job interview: What question should you never forget to ask?

Summer is finally here, the Covid-19 vaccine is slowly bringing back our normal life, and new job opportunities are appearing. If during the pandemic you lost your job, or if you are wanting new challenges in your career, what question should you never forget to ask when you start looking for a new job and going to interviews?

Not only are there new jobs emerging now that many businesses are reopening, but in many states enhanced unemployment benefits are no longer available. For these reasons, many are going to job interviews to recover the salary they lost during the pandemic. What question should always remember to ask when you go to interviews?

Although, when we go to a job interview, we feel that we are the ones who must answer questions and impress the potential employer, the truth is that there are things that we must also ask to know where things stand for us.

Even though the things you ask will mostly refer to the company and specific job responsibilities, there’s one question that is very important and that many candidates fail to ask: “Why is this job open?”

This question helps you know what you are getting into

This question not only shows preparation and professionalism but also lets your potential employer know that you are serious about the job and are eager to succeed.

According to CNBC, the answer you receive will lead to important insights that will play a major role in your decision to take the job, if you get the offer.

Why is this question important?

1. It could be a new position.

If this is the case, there is no history of performance to rely on. So if you get hired, you’ll be the first person to set standards.

2. You could be replacing a rockstar.

If the person who previously held the role was an outstanding employee, you’ll want to ask what made them so valuable. This will also help you think of ways to live up to their expectations.

3. You could be replacing a poor performer.

Some questions show you are eager to succeed in your job.

It could be that the previous person was mediocre or even got fired. Whatever the reason, you need to know why things didn’t work out.

There could be many reasons and the idea is to know why they didn’t do well, and how you can do better.

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