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You can earn a $51,958 annual salary as a Research Assistant for the Columbia University. This position is located in New York, NY. 



Responsibilities include assisting the Principal Investigator and other research staff in the preparation of new protocol submissions to the IRB and other regulatory agencies, including protocol amendments and renewals of ongoing studies. The Research Assistant will contact and schedule human research participants, and assist with the assessment of potential research participants including but not limited to conducting telephone interviews to screen their eligibility, administering tests during an in-person neuropsychological evaluation, and giving participants various computerized and paper-and-pencil cognitive tests, and administering computerized tasks during fMRI studies. The Research Assistant will obtain informed consent according to study protocol and explain all aspects of study participation to research participants and prospective participants. They will be responsible for various modalities of data collection, including the coordination of neuroimaging appointments with MRI and PET imaging centers. Applicant will manage data collection, data entry, data processing and storage, and quality control for multiple clinical research studies. Responsible for data integrity, including backup of recorded data to study databases and all paper records, and detail-oriented abidance by study protocol and procedures. May also be asked to help develop or revise new written protocols and study manuals for good clinical research practice. Ability to balance multiple tasks and demands is imperative.

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