Job alert! They offer $12 an hour Job alert! They offer $12 an hour

Job alert! They offer $12 an hour

If you work from home, this can be a great opportunity

You can make $12 an hour as a Quality Assurance Tester for Electronic Arts. This position it's located in Baton Rouge, LA. 


Minimum Technical Requirements:


Testing the game in a systematic way, analyzing the game's performance against the designer's intentions, identifying and reporting problems, and suggesting improvements. However, it also involves creativity and ingenuity, which is used to figure how to ‘break’ the game in different and unique ways. In effect, QA Testers act as the game's first audience by reporting on playability and identifying any aspects that could be improved. Testers are responsible for finding these bugs in a game before it goes public and assuring quality in the final product.

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